Summer Detox Fast: Health Today at Sagrada Yoga Retreats

Part 2: Summer Detox

This cleansing fast is based on principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is designed as a healthy seasonal cleansing. This Spring fast will help detox the body from all the heavy, fatty and salty foods of the Winter. It helps us naturally shed unwanted weight, feel lighter and more active for the Summer. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi in our body and mind. When the liver is healthy we feel calm, never stressed and are effective decision makers often natural leaders. But when the liver is stagnant and out of balance there are endless physical and emotional imbalances. This fast will gently yet quickly cleanse our liver.

This fast is an uplifting experience that will enhance out health, improve our outlook on life and rejuvenate our liver. I'm excited to feel lighter, fresher and more present with the joy in my life.

Detox Menu coming soon.

What Could be Better than a Yoga Retreat in California with Wine and Chocolate?

Our recent Yoga Retreat was a blast! We had two couples from Sagrada’s PBS auction donation. They were both from Sonoma California and were excited to experience Central Coast Wine region on this yoga retreat. We sipped on Ancient Peaks wines and toured the beautiful historic Santa Margarita ranch. California wildflowers grace the rolling hills right now and remind us of the mystical. Kyle from Sculpterra Winery introduced us to Primitivo and rich dessert wines that paired with luscious local chocolates. Nicole taught dynamic yoga, Pilates and restorative classes during this yoga retreat. A few retreaters were brand new to yoga and left feeling inspired and ready to pursue their yoga practices. All and all it was another fantastic yoga retreat here at Sagrada Wellness.

Yoga Retreat Guests in California wine country.

Yoga Retreat Guests in California wine country.

A Few Delicious Dressings

Our lunches at Sagrada during yoga retreats are a farmer’s market salad bar. Fresh greens, homemade pickled veggies, sprouted beans, nuts and seeds and a couple of our savory dressings to choose from satiate our guests until the next yoga class.

Our Family Dressing

My dear Papa George was the dressing doctor (he was a brilliant ER doctor as well.) He was the master of his simple, vibrant Italian dressing. Born in Paris France, he had that European flare. I can picture him in his kitchen chopping chunks of fresh tomatoes from his garden and tearing lettuce leaves with his hands. He liked life real and rustic. He would make a jarful to last a few dinners and would get richer and more tasty as the days passed. The dressing is divinely pungent and sour.

            *1 cup olive oil

            *1 cup red wine vinegar

            *3 garlic cloves crushed in a garlic press

            * Juice of one lemon

            * Sea salt to taste

             *1/2 tsp black pepper

Serve over romaine lettuce, tomatoes and thinly sliced red onion.

My Papa always ate his salad after the entrée with a French baguette and a tasty glass of Beaujolais. Enjoy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Food Energetics

Garlic- pungent, moves stagnant Qi- promotes circulation, inhibits the common cold virus, eliminates toxins from the body

Lemon- cooling in nature, benefits those who have eaten a high fat/high protein diet, benefits the liver, promotes weight loss, cleanses the blood, increases fluid production, great during summer heat for hydration

Lemon Tahini Dressing

1/2 cup tahini

½ cup of water

1 garlic clove crushed

½ cup finely chopped parsley

1 scallion finely chopped

Sea salt to taste

Sweet Sesame Dressing

                        ¼ cup olive oil

                        ¼ cup toasted sesame oil

                        2 Tbs Rice wine vinegar

                        2 Tbs orange juice

                        2 Tbs Lemon juice

                        2 tsp grated ginger

                        2 tsp raw honey

                        Sea salt to taste

                        A dash of nutritional yeast

                        A pinch of turmeric

A Yogi's Thoughts on Non-Attachment to Food

It is 5:30am Monday morning on my 8th day of my cleanse/detox diet. Scott and I, along with my sisters and brother in laws have been joining forces to accomplish a 21 day cleanse. Week 1 consisted of basically a vegan, gluten free and sugar free diet (I will be incorporating these food philosophies into Sagrada’s Yoga Retreat meal plan for our Yoga, Pilates, and Cleanse/Detox Retreat with Nicole Currie). It’s amazing to feel how the body handles the withdrawal from my winter of indulgences in many hearty delights; cheesy lasagnas, artisan salami, local cheeses, cupcake and wine pairings, along with many other delicious Central Coast wines. It’s all good stuff…life’s pleasures right? But sometimes a break, a cleanse, a fast of some sort re-calibrates your body, centers your energetic “mood” swings, purges all those stagnant emotions lodged deep down.

At first for me it was a few headaches, some bloating, and an outpouring of tears…..and then there was the missing…..the longing, the desire for that crusty sourdough bread with my sandwich, the bites of my kid's mac and cheese, and that oh-so-wonderful evening wine ritual with my husband; a nostalgia for the good-old-days. That longing did pass though. Maybe it was some sort of acceptance. Maybe it was some sort of realization that life goes fast. Maybe it was that my body just started to feel better. And lighter. And now I feel joyful, present, as I enter week 2 of my cleanse, bright and early, before my kids are up. And I don’t miss anything….at this moment. Let’s surprise my family with some banana gluten-free- pancakes.

Banana Gluten-Free-Pancakes

Serves 4

1 mashed banana

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

3 tbs flaxmeal

3 tbs coconut oil

1 cup brown rice flour

½ cup orange juice

A dash of cinnamon

A dash of sea salt

Cook pancakes with coconut oil and serve with raw honey! Enjoy.


The Oaks

The mighty California Oaks stand tall and proud in our valley. Some are said to be over 500 years old. They withstand all that mother nature sends. They feed with their acorns, give with their shade and support with their root systems.

Listen for their wisdom at the end of each asana. Yoga gets you closer to the pulse of nature.