Acupuncture in Santa Margarita, San Luis Obispo County, Central Coast California

Taoist Health and Nutritional Counseling:

Health and wellness consultation from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. Tongue and pulse diagnosis, herbal, dietary, and lifestyle recommendations. $150 / one hour


Acupuncture is an ancient healing modality that takes the whole body into account when addressing a client’s health. Eva Inglizian, L.Ac., uses Chinese Medicine, a 5,000-year-old system of healing to promote well-being and balance. She has great success treating emotional-spiritual integration, women’s issues, digestive disorders, sciatica, and stress and pain management. $150 / one hour

Acu-Facial Rejuvenation:

Ancient and modern wisdom offers a holistic and nurturing approach to well-being and a radiant appearance. Eva’s unique treatment consists of body and facial acupuncture, therapeutic grade essential oils, and facial massage. Acu-Facial Rejuvenation helps eliminate fine lines, tighten pores, brighten the eyes, improve facial color, and increase collagen production and muscle tone. Allow your beauty and vitality to shine! $150 / one hour

Qi Gong

Eva prescribes specific Qi Gong exercises that will address your individual health needs. Correct posture while doing exercises, breathing technique and visualization will be emphasized. You will leave feeling deeply grounded, and with Qi Gong exercises you can take home.  $150 acupuncture treatment and qi gong techniques


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