Guest Comments

"Sagrada Wellness is an amazing little gem tucked away in the beautiful California landscape. What a wonderful, healing, fulfilling weekend. Thank you to Eva and Scott for welcoming us onto this beautiful land and inviting us into this little piece of heaven on earth. The energy of the land and the people on it helped to provide a place of healing, rejuvenation, and presence. I've never felt so connected to myself or others. Thank you, Sagrada. I will be back again soon!!" - Marisa B.

"I just finished my 2nd retreat at Sagrada Wellness. I wish I could come once a month! This place is just good for your soul. Period. Whether you just need to "truly" relax and restore, or you need healing of some kind, you will find it here. The yoga, the hikes, the stargazing at night, the people here (Scott, Eva and team) and the fellow retreat-mates you meet (I always come alone and I always find a connection with someone; but if you just want to be alone you can totally do that too), the space and the food (the home cooked vegetarian food is amazing... and I'm not vegetarian!)... it is all so, so good. You will not regret investing in this place because it is an investment in yourself!!" - B. Hunt

"I do have a complaint about Sagrada... they've completely spoiled me for any future yoga retreats! I believe that things happen for a reason, and there IS a reason that my oldest friend and I came to be at Sagrada for our first-ever yoga retreat. This retreat came at a perfect time for me. At first, I thought just getting away from whatever worries or problems I had at home was enough, but my time at Sagrada was more than just a change of scenery. Sagrada provided a safe place for us to nourish our bodies and our souls. Throughout the weekend, I kept thinking that I didn't want to go back home and face reality. But something that I learned from my time at Sagrada was that I can carry on that feeling of gratitude, even though I may be hundreds of miles away from this beautiful property. When I left Sagrada, for the first time in a long time, I wasn't looking at my life from a place of lack. I left with my heart feeling so full. Many thanks to Lourdes for the wonderful food. I was quite leary of a weekend of just vegetarian meals, but I never felt like I was missing meat (even if I joked about it!). Thank you to Eva and Leslie for being great hosts and guides to a wonderful weekend. I will never forget this experience." - Margaret 

"Sagrada thank you for a beautiful weekend. What a special place to relax and meet wonderful people. We had an amazing time and will be back again. Thanks for everything. XOXO" -Nicole

"This was the most relaxing beautiful weekend. Aaron was amazing, creative, inspiring and a true spiritual leader. Thanks for being here and providing a space to heal and regenerate. Peace and love, we loved everything!!!" -Julie

“I feel honored to enjoy Scott and Eva’s little bit of paradise here at Sagrada. Thank you for the hospitality, and your thoughtfulness.”  -Cheli

“It is truly amazing what you have put together here. The feel and energy here is just out of this world.” –Lior

“This has been a life changing experience for me. The group has been loving and open and Scott, Eva, Anais and Angeles are such a beautiful family. Aaron’s yoga opened my mind in ways it hadn’t been before.” – Michael

“Sagrada is an amazing place to practice yoga, and fall in touch again with oneself and the land and nature. Eva, Scott, Anais and Angeles thank you for creating this amazing and sacred space. “ –Joanna

“This is a wonderful place. I love the water. This yoga retreat has been healing and I feel like family.” –Dave

“What an amazing place to spend the night away from the hussle and bussle of LA. We enjoyed every moment of our time here at Sagrada Wellness and can’t wait to return. We will spread the word.” – Jen

“Dear Scott and Eva. Thank you for sharing this beautiful place Sagrada with us. The energy here is unbelievable, and we cannot wait to come back. In gratitude, Laura and William”

“We have enjoyed our time here at Sagrada together so much. The work and thought put into everything shows and is greatly appreciated. A perfect way to celebrate our anniversary and begin our third year together.” -Megan and Jaime

“I love it here. Another incredible retreat at Sagrada.” –Michael

“Scott and Eva, I am inspired to hike more, cook simple warm and delicious meals and listen to more good music. I hope to be back soon. This is a special place you have created.” –Beth

“Thank you for a lovely respite to ring in the New Year. It has been a true revelation. There is magic here.” –Hanna

“There is so much here that is a feast over and over. A feast for the eyes, for the stomach, for the heart and the soul. Thank you for filling my soul.” –JoAnne

“Thank you for the lovely hospitality and tranquility. Namaste.”

“Thank you for opening up this space to me. I will never forget the experience, and leave here changed.” –Sarah

“It has been a lovely beautiful experience here at Sagrada. The name is so appropriate because you offer a sacred space within your gates. It is nourishing, nurturing, expanding, energizing, and comforting all at once. The details and the care are apparent and so gracious. Thank you and I look forward to returning and seeing you growth and success.” –Brandy

“From the moment we arrived, there was a little magic around every corner. We are grateful for this sacred space and will hold it with us forever. We will miss our four turkey friends! Gobble Gobble!” –Kara and Jennifer

“What a perfect few days at Sagrada during this yoga retreat. My legs are tired from multiple hikes and my body feels great from deep sleep and clean food. You have a beautiful place and it’s no surprise because it’s clearly a reflection of your beautiful family! The energy has been grounding and so important when living in a big city like LA. I can’t wait to come back.” –Jennifer

“We have immensely enjoyed the Sagrada and its glorious surroundings….from the architecture and special touches in our room to the great energy of the property. You have done an amazing job. We will be back and can’t wait to take yoga with Nicole.” Marni, Eric and Liv

“Thank you for letting us into this great experience. You guys have beautiful land. We can’t wait to return.”-Jacqueline and Daniel

“This was truly an amazing experience. I came thinking I’d learn a little about yoga, wine and chocolate…but I’ve actually learned about myself. Thank you for making such an inward looking experience possible. I’m better for it.” –Lindsay

“Thank you! Everything was amazing- food, yoga, accommodation, etc. I wouldn’t have changed a thing! Thank you for everything!”- Alicia

“I’m filled with overwhelming gratitude for this weekend. Gratitude for the warm hospitality, delicious whole foods, gentle yoga, inspiring landscape, new friendships, and inner peace. And wine! Thank you for one of the best vacations of my life.” –Ali

“First off, a big grateful thank you to Scott, Eva and Aaron for being wonderful care takers, chefs, teachers, and for creating such a beautiful space to relax and connect in. This retreat has reminded me to have a gentle spirit and to find and seek relaxation and quiet time. Much thanks!” –Alison

“Thank you for creating an amazing environment for all your guests to have the experience they need. For me this weekend was restful, calming, enjoyable, opening and truly a memorable trip. The property is beautiful and inviting, the food nourishing and delicious, yoga challenging and peaceful in all the right ways.” – Michele

“The combination of yoga, great food, beautiful landscape and great company was exactly what I needed. This weekend has been very memorable and insightful. Thank you again.”-Bitti

“Thank you so much. This is indeed a special place. The energy of the group was wonderful and inspiring. Beautiful hikes, strong yoga, amazing food….all will remain in my heart. I hope to return.” –Chris

“Just wanted to say thanks for having us. We had such a wonderful and relaxing time. I would definitely love to come back and bring friends and family.”-Sandra

“Sagrada is a jewel of a place. I found so much peace of mind being here and soaking up all this nature around me. I will definitely come back in the future.” –Esther

“This has been a lovely experience.”-Crystal and Justin

“All I can say is Wow!” It is absolutely gorgeous here. It is the perfect combination of nature and basic modern amenities! I hope to return soon and so does my fiancé. Thank you!”-Carla and Austin

“This is just what we needed. There is such a great energy here and it’s absolutely stunning. Thank you for a beautiful time. We loved it here. Peace.”-Holly

“What a beautiful location to have a retreat. It was everything I wanted and so much more!!! Thank you so much for your hospitality and care. I will remember it fondly.”-Maya

“Sign me up for your cookbook.”-David

“Gratitude…A word that only begins to express how I feel. Thank you Scott and Eva for creating such a sacred place. The accommodations were awesome and the food was beyond amazing! I will be back!” –Annie

“Thanks so much for having us. Your Place is beautiful!” –Lauren and Henry

“Peace, beauty, happiness. All consistent blessings here at Sagrada. Thank you!”-Julie and Chris

“My experience at Sagrada has been filled with tranquility and love. Thank you!”-Aimee

“Thank you for creating such a sacred space of peace, happiness and solace. Namaste.” –Alicia

“Thank you for allowing people to enjoy your land. I am leaving truly relaxed. Also I love all the wildlife. What a great experience.” –Jenn

“ What a beautiful way to spend a few days before my wedding…I can leave knowing I am entering into a new stage of life in peace and filled with love.” –Kim

“A wonderful experience. A chance to grow our love in nature. We feel renewed.” –Jenny and Winnett

“What a wonderful place to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. My family came for all over. What a great place for a family to get together and celebrate life. Thank you very much.”-Marty and Ruth

“Thank you for this peaceful space, the delicious food and the king and thoughtful yoga instruction. Wishing you all the best.”-Madeline

“Thank you for this gorgeous week at home away from home. Thanks for the food, yoga classes and the incredible surroundings and the time to soak it all in! I had the best time getting to know you all and myself amongst it all. Hope to come back and see you again soon and get to discover more here and about myself!” –Dana

“I had one of my greatest times of my life during these few days at Sagrada Inn. I knew I had to come to California and I will leave with great memories. Thank you very much. This place is really amazing. Thank you so very much.”-Agnes

“Thank You Sagrada!” What an amazing place to have our honeymoon. The air, water, trees, beauty, and love that makes this place glow. We are so grateful. Thank you.”-Jason

“Eva and Scott, Thank you so much for having us at Sagrada Inn. We had such an amazing time. We look forward to coming back and recommending Sagrada Inn to our family and friends. We accomplished so much in the short amount of time we were here. What an amazing experience it was. Relaxing and re-energizing as well.”-Jessica and Sarah

“Sagrada-love the pad, the food was to die for. Aaron was great and I am so relaxed and not stressed. It was better the second time around.”-Melinda

“You both have created a truly magical place. There is no other place I would have rather spent the last few days in my twenties and my 30th Birthday. Somehow I knew this landscape would not disappoint….And the food!!! Thank you for taking such good care of me. Love Jillian”

“Eva, Scott and Aaron, a very big, arms-wide-open thank you for a relaxing yet invigorating weekend. I will be taking some of Sagrada peace home with me. In gratitude. Namaste.”-Michelle

“Scott, Eva and Aaron- thanks so  much for the past few very relaxing days filled with amazing food, impeccable ambience, and super creative yoga sessions. We wish Sagrada all the best with renovations, big and small to come. Thanks.”-Joy and Betty

“Eva, Scott and Aaron. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.We enjoyed the food, yoga and natural beauty!” – Gabe and Jasmine

“To new friends, Eva, Scott and Aaron. I am having the most wonderful and relaxing time at Sagrada. It’s home away from home and I will be back.”-Barbara

“Aaron, Scott and Eva, Thank you so much for an amazing weekend. The yoga met my needs, the food was yummy and the grounds were comfortable. I so needed to be here. Thank you!”-Came

“Sean and I needed this so much. We will be back and tell all we know about your amazing place.”- Sean and Ali

“You have given us the most fitting and wonderful honeymoon we could ever have dreamed of. We were lucky to have the peaceful time alone, but I can only imagine the energy that fills this place when you have a yoga retreat. The animals kept us company and I’m not sure I’ve ever slept that soundly. Thank you so much. Hopefully we can visit again some day. Grateful and happy.” -Kira and John

“We had the most amazing weekend at Sagrada! It was more wonderful than we imagined it would be. We plan on making this a yearly tradition! See you next year.”

-Desiree, Nerissa, Jessie, Anne, Caroline, Dana, and Amanda

“Thank you so much for welcoming us into your fabulous home. Honestly, we didn’t really know what to expect, we were looking for peace and relaxation away from daily stress, but this really blew us away. It has been the most amazing experience, one we will never forget. Thanks again.”-Christina, Sandra, Connor, and Margaret

“Thank you for such a fabulous yoga retreat. Everything was way better than expected.”-Danielle

“We had a wonderful time on our yoga, wine and chocolate retreat. The food was beyond amazing. Nicole did a wonderful job teaching our yoga classes-leaving us feeling open and blessed out. The wine and laughter Saturday night also helped to open our hearts. The property is beautiful and loved the morning hikes. Thank you all for our pre-wedding mother-daughter bonding. See you again in the future. Namaste.”-Kristen

“Thanks for sharing this wonderful area-this getaway was exactly what I needed. I’m hoping my path crosses with everyone again.”-Kathy

“In the years to come, I know I will smile every time I remember morning yoga under the olive tree. Sun Salutations looking across the whole valley-what a wonderful memory. Thank you!” –Susan

“This is a beautiful place with a beautiful aura. We were incredibly comfortable in our room at Sagrada. Thank you.”-Andrea and Don

“Thank you so much for a wonderful holiday weekend! From the beautiful views and the deer, rabbits, quail, and turkeys to the warm and homey kitchen and rooms, we will remember all of Sagrada’s charms for years to come. We will certainly be returning!”-Laura, Rob, Trent, and Hana

“I sit in silence and peace writing for you Sagrada, the land, the accommodations, the kindness and the feeling of wellness abounds. This was the perfect place to end my solo journey of connecting deeper to myself and my wellness. I look forward to coming back again, again, and again-with friends, my husband and solo. May your intention of wellness continue to flourish for many. Cheers.”-Suzanne