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Thankful Yoga Near SLO

Sagrada Wellness ( yoga teacher Aaron Ogden occasionally throws out unexpected jokes at the beginning of class. "Inevitably at least half the group will laugh," says Ogden, who likes to use humor to show students that they don't have to take yoga too seriously or master a complex pose to benefit from it. 

Ogden is the retreat facilitator at the 45-acre yoga and wellness retreat in Santa Margarita, which hosts a Thanksgiving and gratitude yoga weekend (November 24-26; $695-$1095 all inclusive). Allowing for guests to spend the holiday with their families, the event starts the day after Thanksgiving. The program emphasizes mindfulness at the dining table, on the yoga mat, and during meditation walks. Meals, which are vegetarian and mostly gluten-free, include wine. There's enough downtime slated for relaxing at the pool and getting acupuncture treatments by Eva Inglizian, who co-owns the property with husband Scott Currie. 

The special weekend concludes with a fire ceremony, in which a talking stick is passed around and participants share stories, laugh and cry, and sometimes break out in spontaneous song. Ogden remarks that every year participants say, "I did not expect that I would feel this gratitude." 

 Sagrada Wellness Yoga Retreats in Lefair Summer 2017

Sagrada Wellness Yoga Retreats in Lefair Summer 2017

Get Your Om On

By Hayley Kirksey

Sagrada Wellness offers all-inclusive yoga retreats in Santa Margarita, California at a boutique mountain sanctuary situated on 45 private acres just outside of San Luis Obispo. Sagrada Wellness is a one-of-a-kind central coast California yoga retreat destination know for its boutque style yoga retreats, delicious cuisine and acupuncture services. 

17 Dream Fitness Vacations

By Collette Stohler

12. For the Pilates and Yoga Devotee

Harness your core strength at the Sagrada Pilates Retreat in San Luis Obispo, California. Just a few hours north of Los Angeles, guests nourish themselves with vegetarian cuisine and take daily classes in Vinyasa flow yoga, Pilates, restorative yoga, and Bollywood dance.

Sagrada Pilates Retreat

Indulge Magazine Volume 1 | Issue 5                                                

Step Into Sagrada  

By Lauren Narayani

Wellness travel is a major tourism trend quickly gaining popularity all over the world, often in the form of destination yoga retreats. For those looking for a getaway where you can truly get away, the Central Coast offers serenity at the perfect destination, our very own Sagrada Wellness.  

Architect Scott Currie and acupuncturist Eva Inglizian harmonized their talents to create Sagrada Wellness, a boutique retreat center that offers a picturesque, primal experience of reward and renewal. Nestled deep within Santa Margarita (off of Pozo Road) on forty five acres of private terrain, there is not a neighbor in site of a single source of noise besides the songs of birds, the call of a hawk and then scent of wild sage.  

Currie, a green architect who earned his MA from SCI-Arc, has been designing spaces for over ten years in places like Venice, Los Angeles, Santa Monica and San Miguel de Allende. He designed their first retreat center in Mexico, crafting adobe cabins that offer guests a complete, authentic experience. Green design at Sagrada Wellness is natural, rustic, fresh and elegant with refined indoor-outdoor living spaces, modern amenities, and native drought resistant cacti and plants. Sagrada Wellness embodies its dedication to the natural world not just in its green spaces, but also in the philosophy of the Sagrada Lifestyle which is mindful and respectful of natural beauty in detail.  

As a licensed L.A.C. Inglizian is an acupuncturist and herbalist who practices onsite at Sagrada Wellness. Inglizian treats guests and local clients experiencing ailments like digestive disorders, stress, emotional trauma, and sciatica. She also provides therapy for pain management and performs treatments like Acu-facial Rejuvenation. Her passion empowers individuals and she finds many ways to inspire others as an informative writer and holistic chef as well as retreat host at Sagrada Wellness.

At Sagrada Wellness, guests experience a full-bodied sense of community with other retreaters. Inglizian prepares delicious, well-balanced and gluten-free menus filled with fresh whole foods at every meal. She brews detoxifying teas and greets guests upon arrival with her Welcome Tonic, a spa water refreshment which consists of organic watermelon and astragalus root. Dining accommodations are simple, elegant, and communal. Yoga classes are workshops, morning group meditations, and hikes are enjoyed throughout the day. Guests easily absorb the benefits of mindful living at Sagrada Wellness, as they receive complete attention and care with all of the thoughtful details that Sagrada offers.

During free time on retreats at Sagrada like the Weekend Warrior retreat, holiday retreats, and other cleanse/detox retreats, guests commonly book acupuncture treatments, swim in the natural spring pool, soak in the hot tub, venture on a hike, or rest in a hammock under an old tree. Enjoying these pleasures is a guest's "digital detox," as Currie coins, relaxation from noise-pollution and outside stress.  

Please visit or call (805) 550-7636 to book a retreat, acupuncture treatment, vacation rental, or to inquire about sustainable green architecture.  

 Free People BLDG 25 Blog

Diary of a Wellness Retreat in Five Parts.

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five  

By Julia Keim  

The experience, and the learnings I have taken from it, will stay with me always.
— Free People

Yoga Journal June 2012
Bright Flavors / On retreat, food is fresh, simple and surprisingly sumptuous. Why not try it at home?

By Charity Ferreira

People go on a retreat to open to something new in both body and mind,” says Hugo Roberto Gutierrez Marron, the chef at Haramara, a yoga retreat center near Sayulita, Mexico, known for its fresh, inventive natural cuisine. “The food they eat should caress their senses, elevate their mind, and feed their body and spirit.”

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every meal you ate infused you with such a feeling of well being? Great retreat-center cooking isn’t about complicated recipes or spending hours in the kitchen. At Sagrada Wellness, a retreat center near San Luis Obispo, California, chef-owner Eva Inglizian prepares rustic family-style meals that celebrate seasonal produce and whole grains: a layered “fried rice” with brown rice, eggs, ginger, crisp carrots, snap peas, and fennel; kale leaves sautéed with sesame oil, garlic, and sesame seeds; roasted fresh poblano chilies filled with local goat cheese. “People are so moved by the beauty and the freshness of the food,” Inglizian says. “When they see how simple it is, they get re-inspired to cook for themselves. Which is why people come on a yoga retreat in general-to reconnect, get re inspired, and then take a little bit of that back home with them.”

Watermelon and lime agua fresca
Makes 2 to 2 ½ cups

On hot summer days, Eva Inglizian of Sagrada Wellness in San Luis Obispo, California, blends this sweet, refreshing drink and freezes it until it’s slightly slushy. You can substitute other ripe fruit, such as strawberries or other kinds of melon, for the watermelon.

4 cups cubed, seeded ripe watermelon
¾ cup water
Juice of half a lime
Agave syrup

Place the watermelon in a blender and puree until smooth. Add the water and lime juice and taste, adding agave and more lime juice if desired.

At Sagrada, chef-owner Eva Inglizian prepares rustic family-style meals that celebrate seasonal produce and whole grains.
— Yoga Journal

San Francisco October 2012
Make that sun salutations in San Luis Obispo

By Michelle Hamilton

The scenic drive through the Central Coast’s Santa Margarita Valley sure beats a cramped flight to Goa. Set on a 45-acre historic ranch with endless views of the golden hills is Sagrada Wellness, a year-old yoga retreat center for beginners and contortionists alike. With a spring-fed pond and trails leading to shared Adirondack chairs, fresh veggie-centric food, life here falls into an easy rhythm. Wake with the sun for coffee and a meditative walk through the woods, followed by a simple breakfast of, say, steel-cut oats prepared by architect-owner Scott Currie, who designed and runs the place along with his acupuncturist wife, Eva Inglizian. Meditative and vinyasa-style yoga classes are offered twice daily (10 am, and 4pm). And in between, you’re free to hike, or head a few miles down the road to sip wine at Ancient Peaks winery-after all, this is the southern Paso Robles appellation. Due to high demand (there were 25 people on a recent waiting list) Sagrada is closed for expansion this fall, but it will reopen in December to flaunt its new 800-square-foot yoga studio with a cork floor, 20-foot ceilings, and three sliding glass doors opening onto the oak trees and beyond. FROM $795 FOR THREE NIGHTS; SAGRADAWELLNESS.COM