Summer Detox Fast: Health Today at Sagrada Yoga Retreats

Part 2: Summer Detox

This cleansing fast is based on principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is designed as a healthy seasonal cleansing. This Spring fast will help detox the body from all the heavy, fatty and salty foods of the Winter. It helps us naturally shed unwanted weight, feel lighter and more active for the Summer. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi in our body and mind. When the liver is healthy we feel calm, never stressed and are effective decision makers often natural leaders. But when the liver is stagnant and out of balance there are endless physical and emotional imbalances. This fast will gently yet quickly cleanse our liver.

This fast is an uplifting experience that will enhance out health, improve our outlook on life and rejuvenate our liver. I'm excited to feel lighter, fresher and more present with the joy in my life.

Detox Menu coming soon.