Eva's Three Day Detox Menu

Steam Vegetable, Whole Grain, Herbal Tea - Detox Fast

Plan about five days to a week before the fast starts to lighten up your normal diet. This will help your body to gradually start cleansing, make the fast more effective and less of a shock on your body. For me this will consist of vegan and gluten-free meals and no more wine or coffee for the next few weeks. Ahh, I feel my body thanking me already.

The Fast: Three Day Jump-start Health Fast

Morning Elixir Hydration Beverage

Breakfast – Oatmeal infused with Astragalus + one seasonal fruit on top

Lunch – Brown Rice or Millet with in season organic steamed veggie

Fresh Detox Herbal Tea

Dinner: Mung Bean Soup with Seaweed

Morning Elixir – Are you sluggish and have a foggy mind first thing in the morning? That is a sign that your liver is overburdened and has not completed it’ job of blood purification through the night. A person with a healthy liver should wake up fresh, with good energy and a clear mind. A morning elixir is a hydrating beverage that helps bring your energy up and out. Flower teas are the most cleansing so choose a tea of chamomile, red clover blossoms or orange blossoms. Drink warm or at room temperature. Flower teas should not be simmered more than 1 minute as they are tender and will lose their healing benefits.

Breakfast: I like steel cut oats the best. They have a fantastic chewy, nutty quality about them. Oats restore the nervous system. They strengthen the digestive system and build Qi. They remove cholesterol and are beneficial to the heart. Steel cut oats need to be cooked for ½ hour. Add one sticks of astragalus root or 2 tsp of astragalus power. Astragalus is one of my favorite herbs. It is know as a “superior herb” in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a tonic herb that stimulates the immune system, builds Qi and gives you uplifting positive energy. Adding it to your oatmeal is a great way to start your day! Top your oats with one seasonal fruit of your choice.

Fresh Herbal Detox Tea: Make homemade tea of one bunch fresh dandelion greens and one bunch of fresh organic beet greens in large pot of water. Simmer for 3-5 minutes. Drink throughout the day. Dandelion and beet greens are great blood purifiers. This tea will make your skin glow! Both herbs help regenerate healthy liver cells.

Lunch: Chose ½ cup brown rice or millet with fresh steamed vegetables of your choice. Add a pinch of sea salt for taste. Brown rice is soothing to the stomach, increases qi energy, expels toxins and is concentrated in B vitamins benefiting the nervous system. Millet is the most alkalizing grain. It is high in protein and sweetens the breath by neutralizing acidity in the mouth.

Dinner: A simple mung bean soup with seaweed. Mung beans and brown rice are a classic yogi diet known as “the food of the gods.” Mung beans are the easiest bean to digest and detox the body and benefit the liver and heart. They produce yin fluids to moisten, cleanse and regenerate the body. Mung bean soup treats skin breakouts, cools summer heat, thirst, and restlessness. Make 2 cups of mung beans and 10 cups of water. Add one piece of kombu seaweed. Cook for 45 minutes. Add a pinch of salt to taste. Pot of soup should last for the three dinners of your detox fast.

Enjoy and remember that these are all therapeutic, healing and detoxifying foods.