A Lively Delight of a Yoga Retreat

This Yoga and Hiking Retreat has been a lively delight. With only a few yoga retreat guests, peace and gratitude grace our ranch as new insights are made. One guest marveled in the undivided attention she received from us creating the authentic Sagrada experience. I see she's bonded with Aaron, enjoyed the new private accommodation in the retreat center, connected to nature and her yoga. The small group explored the Rinconada Trail down the road from us and then this morning they journeyed to the coast to breath the sea salt air on the Harmony Trail. They came back with windblown hair, sun on their skin, radiant smiles and ready for a Sagrada lunch. The meals seems to have been spot on too. Another cookbook request from a happy and nourished yoga retreat guest. Scott and the kids work on his new vegan and gluten free version of Sagrada's scrumptious banana bread. It's in the oven now, smells divine, can't wait to try it.

California sun, hiking and yoga.

California sun, hiking and yoga.

Brings Tears to the Eyes

We've been showing off Sagrada's new yoga studio during yoga retreats, to friends and to family. My sister in law Nicole walked in, admired the space and as her eyes welled up with tears said "this is the most beautiful yoga space I've ever seen." My friend Beth, who knew our journey to get to this place, absorbed the mighty energy of the yoga room's cathedral ceilings and with watery eyes reflected on the healing energy of the yoga room embodies.

Yoga is about moving your Qi gently. It's about feeling your Prana (Qi) and about getting to a place of enthusiasm, enjoyment or simply acceptance right here, right now.

Crying, whether it's from tears of joy, tears of sadness or tears reflecting on the beauty of life, unblocks a bit of stagnant energy, allowing us to be free and be present.

So the next time you're compelled to cry, whether it's while on a yoga retreat at Sagrada, practicing your asanas at home, or taking a stroll in your neighborhood, just let your water flow.

Springtime Fun at Sagrada

We just hosted our second yoga retreat, a Yoga, Pilates, Detox Retreat with Nicole Currie in our beautiful new yoga retreat home! Everyone is enjoying walking bare feet on our shiny freshly polished cement floors, doing evening restorative yoga on natural bamboo wood and soaking in the hot tub with spectacular mountain and vineyard views. I had the pleasure of working one on one with a few yoga retreaters doing acupuncture and herbal consultations. They took their spiritual and physical wellness to a whole new level. Sharing evening stories around our fire pit, enjoying refreshing papaya and mango smoothies with maca, spirulina and rieshi, and then ending the retreat with a crafting party made us all feel like family. And let’s not forget we had all this fun while doing a gentle cleanse, Spring detox of vegan, gluten free, organic cuisine. We all feel lighter, closer to each other, ourselves and nature and ready for a wonderful spring!