Brings Tears to the Eyes

We've been showing off Sagrada's new yoga studio during yoga retreats, to friends and to family. My sister in law Nicole walked in, admired the space and as her eyes welled up with tears said "this is the most beautiful yoga space I've ever seen." My friend Beth, who knew our journey to get to this place, absorbed the mighty energy of the yoga room's cathedral ceilings and with watery eyes reflected on the healing energy of the yoga room embodies.

Yoga is about moving your Qi gently. It's about feeling your Prana (Qi) and about getting to a place of enthusiasm, enjoyment or simply acceptance right here, right now.

Crying, whether it's from tears of joy, tears of sadness or tears reflecting on the beauty of life, unblocks a bit of stagnant energy, allowing us to be free and be present.

So the next time you're compelled to cry, whether it's while on a yoga retreat at Sagrada, practicing your asanas at home, or taking a stroll in your neighborhood, just let your water flow.