Enjoyment of Food

Enjoyment of Food

The manner in which you eat is an expression of who you are, regardless of the foods quality or what food it is. Reflect on the joy you receive when eating a meal, in a peaceful environment with people who inspire you. That is nourishment.

The following comes from a handout I give to our retreaters during my Yoga and Cooking with Chinese Herbs Retreat here at Sagrada Wellness. It always spurs on great conversations.

Balanced eating and true nourishment recommendations:

1.        Overcome excess desire in your life. Begin eating simply.

2.        Never eat until you’re full. Stop eating when two thirds full. Overeating is the leading cause of many degenerative diseases such as obesity, cancer and diabetes.

3.        Breathe deeply and chew thoroughly. Chewing begins the digestive process. Your saliva helps polarize the food with your system. Allow chewing slowly and thoroughly, like breathing, helps relax you.

4.        Never be too rigid about your diet as to bother or insult other people you are with. This only creates negative energy. Eating a cookie with an open heart and enjoyment will bring you much more nourishment.

5.        Honor meal times. Create a clean, peaceful environment in which to eat. Surround yourself with pleasant smells, nice feng shui, and good conversation. Don’t talk about anything that is too charged. Avoid watching TV while eating. Don’t eat in your car or on the run. This will stifle your Spleen qi digestive function. Pay attention to the beauty each food has to offer. Have nice manners and be present with the people you are with.

6.         Relax after eating.

7.        Be grateful before and after each meal.

8.        Eat according to your health and constitutional needs (not some fad diet).

9.        Drink a small amount of warm or room temperature water with meals. Don’t drink too much fluid as this dilutes the digestive juices.