Qi is energy.

As an acupuncturist in Central Coast California I think about qi all the time. The concept of Qi gives us a measure for the vitality of a person. If Qi of a certain food is of good quality, then the food will taste better and will impart more qi to the individual that consumes it.

In a person, good qi is manifested as an ability to accomplish things, lack of obstruction in the body/mind/spirit. It is warming in nature and is the source of all movement. It protects the body, flows through the acupuncture meridians, and maintains the activity of the internal organs.

We derive qi from 3 things:

1.        the food we eat

2.        the air we breath

3.        the essence jing of our kidneys (our life force)

How well we utilize the qi from these sources depends on our lifestyle and our attitude. Qi is also transferred between people in interactions of all kinds. The qi of the cook permeates the food- therefore the saying made with love is true and powerful.What is your qi like today? Think about the qi of your loved ones, your friends and colleagues.

Ways to maximize qi flow are:

1.        exercise

2.        herbal therapies

3.        acupuncture

4.        awareness practices such as yoga or Pilates

When qi is stagnant there is weight gain, tumors, viral and yeast related diseases.

In nutritional therapy it is always important to improve digestive qi (Spleen and Stomach function) to maximize the quality and function of ones qi. It is always an aspect of my treatment strategy: tonify spleen and stomach to maximize the quality and quantity of qi