Eva's Detox to Jump-Start Your Summer Health

Acupuncturist and Yoga Retreat Center Owner, Eva, designs an Effective Detox to Jump-Start Your Summer Health

It's early June, the perfect time to cleanse as we Spring into Summertime. I want to buy a new bathing suit and feel good in it. I want to be light and buoyant and have joyful energy for my spunky kids.

As an acupuncturist and herbalist I try and live harmoniously in synch with the seasons. But sometimes we all need a little reminder to pay attention to our bodies and the natural cycles of nature. What comes to mind when you think about summer? I think of beach days, water play, and afternoon BBQ's with new friends in Santa Margarita California and our Sagrada yoga retreat guests. Summer is the most yang season. It is about expansion, growth, lightness, outward activity and creativity. Our lifestyles and eating habits should relfect these natural yang principles. As it is the most yang seaon we should feel the most yang too. Wake up early with the bright sun, play, work, and be full of joy. Recieve the sun's strong energy and then radiate your sunshine back into the world. Crawl out of your cozy winter turtle shell and be social.

So what are some things that are going to bring us radiant health in the summertime? Summer fruits and veggies are varied, abundant and colorful. Your diet should reflect the same. Cook with lots of bright fresh goodies. Steam foods quickly and use less salt. Eat some raw if your digestive system can tolerate it. Cooling foods are refreshing such as salads, watermelons, cucumbers, lemons and sun teas of mint, chrysanthemum and chamomile. Have picnics and be outside.

A touch of spice and hot drinks can be beneficial to induce a sweat and cool the body down. Avoid ice beverages and ice cream as cold constricts and causes digestive sluggishness. Eat light and less and avoid heavy foods such as meat, dairy and nuts throughout the summer.

Who would like to join me as I facilitate a three day detox fast as we spring into summer? Lets feel light, radiant and full of joy!

More to come tomorrow!!!