Yin-Yang Theory as the Foundation of the Yoga Retreat Cuisine

Yin and Yang theory is the bases of Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy. It explains the continuous process of natural change; day into night, work into rest, one season into the next. Yin represents the shady side of the mountain. Yang represents the sunny side of the mountain. Yin and Yang signify that all things are part of a whole. Health flourishes when yin and yang are in balance in one’s body. Let’s look at the yin-yang actions in food. Yang foods are warming, sweet, pungent, energizing and have an ascending energy. Yin foods are cooling, salty, bitter, and sour and they build blood and body fluids and have a descending quality. We need both dynamics to feel good, be healthy and thrive.

Yin and yang theory is at the foundation of how I see food. I nourish myself, my family and my yoga retreat guests with the intention of balance. Being on a yoga retreat quickly allows us to focus on awareness. We become a little more quiet, a little more still. And that brings us a consciousness to what we consume and how the energies of food make us feel. See if at home you can pay attention to the food you eat.