Sagrada Wellness featured on The Culture Trip

With its rugged mountains and picturesque coastline, California is a haven for those looking to relax, revitalize, and reconnect with nature.

Whether the goal is to disconnect from technology, meditate in silence, trim down in size, or practice yoga, there are retreats that cater to every wellness need. These five retreats are some of the best that the Golden State has to offer.

Founded by a husband-and-wife team, Sagrada Wellness offers yoga-centric retreats on its 45-acre mountain property in California’s Central Coast. Although yoga is the focus, the retreats also integrate other aspects, such as writing, hiking, wine or live music. The property is 100% solar powered, and the accommodations were designed by architect and co-founder Scott Curie. Guests have access to the pool, Jacuzzi®, and on-site hiking trails. Meals are 99% vegetarian, 95% vegan, and 90% gluten-free, with most of the ingredients coming from the garden. While local wine is provided during the retreat, there is a digital detox element, meaning no wi-fi. <Click Here>