Guest Review

After weeks of contemplating doing a yoga retreat for the first time, I finally took the plunge and went for it, at Sagrada. I found Sagrada after researching other options in Northern California, and was immediately drawn to the intimate feel of their retreats, as well as the generous hospitality that comes with a small family-owned business. I came to Sagrada after booking at the last minute, looking for an opportunity to reset, and found so much more than what I had expected.

The space that Eva and Scott have built at Sagrada is as beautiful as all the other reviews describe. Everything about the ranch invites you to commune with nature - from the two easily-accessible hikes that are perfect for a contemplative walk, to the sublime saltwater pool that we soaked in during our free time, and the hot tub perfect for nighttime star-gazing. Our accommodations were perfect in their simplicity and coziness - I stayed at the yoga loft, which allowed me to wake up to a really sweet view of the space we practiced in each day. The food prepared by Lourdes and Ricardo was wonderful - vegetarian, healthy, delicious, and deeply nourishing.

The retreat itself, led by Leslie St. John, was incredible. Leslie's passion for her creative craft in teaching both yoga and writing really shone through. The overall experience felt very thoughtfully designed to help us intuitively ground ourselves and explore self-intimacy in deeper ways as the weekend unfolded. Leslie was an expert at weaving movement, writing, meditation, and simple pleasures (think wine and chocolate) into a holistic, rich, and soulful experience. To sum up what it all felt like - we wrapped up the weekend with a Qoya practice, which was new to us all, and found ourselves - a group of folks from very diverse walks of life - dancing freely with abandon. 

I walked away from the weekend feeling immensely grateful to have found Sagrada and to have shared such a profound experience with Leslie and the company that were with me as well. I can only hope that other retreats I take in the future can match the experience that Sagrada has so generously given me.