Sagrada has been in business for 12 years!

Sagrada Wellness has been in business for twelve years! Wow, we can't believe how time has flown by! Scott and I got married while Sagrada was being conceived. It was a time of new beginnings for sure. We've nurtured Sagrada through personal and business related ups and downs, and three different locations: Mexico, Ojai, and Santa Margarita. It has taken a dream, perseverance, love and support and being completely indefatigable. We are dedicated to our Sagrada Wellnesslifestyle: a passion for yoga, community, living healthy, healing, awakened doing, and the love of aesthetics in our spaces and nature

Over the years we have learned so much from our amazing guests. We want all of you to love your experience at Sagrada, and then come back again and again. We want Sagrada to be a place where people know they can slow down, reflect, be present, learn, and become grounded again. I recently had a guest write me an email about a month after her stay with us thanking me for the wonderful experience and telling me that Sagrada helped her reconnect to her authentic self! Wow! What a testament! 

Love Eva