The Kissing Trees at Sagrada

Kissing Trees

On a soft hilltop at the entrance of Sagrada there is a forest of young oaks. My 4 year of son Angeles has personified a couple of them and named them The Kissing Trees. We acknowledge them every time we pass. They began to stand out to me too. The natural wonder of these trees reminded me of the importance of the kiss.


At Sagrada Wellness we are all about slowing down and connecting passionately to our lives. And a kiss can do that too. The health benefits of kissing are incredible. A loving kiss can lower your cortisol- stress hormone levels. A passionate kiss can benefit our hearts by increasing our adrenaline. Kissing everyday promotes higher oxytocin production, which is our love and peace hormone, and may even increase longevity. It's worth a try. So for your health, practice kissing more everyday! Thanks Kissing Trees.