Aaron's back...

Aaron Ogden is back from a sabbatical. He is one of Sagrada's most gifted healers and retreat leaders. We are excited to welcome him back with open arms for an upcoming weekend warrior retreat. Check out is website and all the wonderful stuff he does in our favorite little town down south. http://aaronogden.com/


Take a look at what he has planned for our upcoming retreat.

Weekend Warrior Retreat with Aaron Ogden

"Saying Hello, Letting Go, and Finding Flow"

May we Spring forward together into the Beauty of the Heart's Path

Friday afternoon:

Grounding Yoga- The Art of Seeing What Is 


Nature Walk- Exploring the Elements of Springtime

Morning Yoga- The Art of Allowing Change; Feeling/Body, Thinking/Heart Pathway

Quiet Reflection Time- private sessions can greatly support your personal process, 

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Afternoon Yoga- Tapping into the Body's Energetics

Sunset Fire Ceremony- Purification and Renewal of Intention


Nature hike-  Room for a New View

Morning Yoga- Flow: Making every Breath a Conscious Decision

Farewell.. and Hello to a Renewed Path!