The Production of a Yoga Retreat

Six months ago we embarked on the project of converting our large metal barn into our new Sagrada Yoga Retreat home. I remember those first days of old metal paneling being ripped out, new cement footings being poured, and wood framing the outlines of the new rooms. It was like a baby, a dream, a new era of Sagrada being born. And then we watched it grow: more framework, pipes, wires and tubes. We had numerous meetings with Semmes, our green building team, and Jamie, our land use consultant. Thank you Turko, Emily, Jessica, Tom, Chris, Robert, Jamie, and Mandi. They all supported our vision. They helped us navigate through uncharted territory. It was a bumpy ride there for a while, with many sleepless nights. Transplanting our family run yoga retreat business from Mexico to California was no easy feat. All of it's many challenges have been a true testament to our love of our business, Sagrada Wellness, and all of it's history and our family legacy. Months passed as we all worked methodically nourishing the roots and creating the infrastructure of the new home at Sagrada. And here we are today. It's an exhilarating stage we're in now. Color on the walls, our old barn wood artistically crafted into built ins, our antique deer antler chandelier being hung and illuminated. We see it emerging; the beauty of our vision, all those leaps of fate, of taking a road way less traveled.

barn conversion .jpg