Yoga Retreat in California offers Qi Gong for Health and Longevity

As an acupuncturist and owner of a Yoga Retreat Center in California I am constantly trying to cultivate my own wellness tool box in order to impart some useful knowledge and new skills to my yoga retreat guests and patients. I am required to complete 50 continuing education units to maintain my credential in being a primary health care provider, which healths keep me on my toes. So I recently completed a three day course in Medical Qi gong in San Fransisco. This seemed right up my alley since I've enjoyed my own Qi gong practice on and off over the years. Qi gong dates back to the Warring States Era in China in the fifth century BCE, when it was first founded as a healing art to preserve health and vitality. Qi gong encompasses physical exercises, meditation and visualization, along with breathing exercises. All of the most effective techniques have remained over the centuries, as they are time tested, and thrive at bringing people a self healing modality as well as control over our aging process. A regular Qi gong practice is linked to the prevention and healing of disease, reduced stress, improved physical strength , improved mental function, improved sexual function (more libido-fun) and spiritual enrichment. And best of all, it slows down the aging process! Who wouldn't want to try it!

I learned dozens of ancient exercises for healing all sorts of issues such as anxiety, insomnia, stress, burn out  and more. I prescribe effective techniques that only take 5-10 minutes to practice. My yoga retreat guests and patients feel the benefits saying that they have more energy and feel much less stressed, more balanced and in their bodies. I will be incorporating Qi gong classes in  Sagrada Wellness's upcoming retreat, Living Well Today with Ancient Techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I appreciate your feedback on whether this is something you would like to see on our Yoga Retreat calendar.