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Acupuncture in Santa Margarita, California, at Sagrada Wellness.

Sagrada Wellness provides acupuncture services in a sacred setting allowing guests to rejuvenate and deepen self-awareness. Relax in the skilled hands when enjoying a therapeutic energy session or Acupuncture -Facial Rejuvenation treatment. You will leave feeling clear minded and physically balanced. All treatments subject to availability. Please book your acupuncture treatment prior to arrival.

Acupuncture-Facial Rejuvenation with Eva Inglizian LA.c

This unique acupuncture treatment not only addresses your overall wellbeing, it naturally helps eliminate fine lines, tighten pores, brighten the eyes, improve facial color, and increase collagen production and muscle tone. Allow your beauty and vitality to shine! Both women and men love this healthy face-lift! $150 / one hour

Acupuncture with Eva Inglizian L.Ac

Health and wellness consultation from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. Tongue and pulse diagnosis, herbal and dietary recommendations and acupuncture treatment.  $150 /one hour

Call Eva Inglizian L.Ac. directly to book your next acupuncture treatment. 805-400-9095

(All prices are subject to change without notice.)